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This view provides host vulnerability assessment details (such as CVE ID, Machine Id, Package info, fix info etc) about a discovered vulnerability in a host within the last 90 days.

Each row contains file information as listed in the columns.

Column NameData TypeDescription
START_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the hourly aggregation time period starts.
END_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the hourly aggregation time period ends.
VULN_IDTextThe vulnerability ID found on a given host.
MIDNumberThe Lacework-generated machine identifier that uniquely identifies the machine.
MACHINE_TAGSJSON ObjectThe tags or labels assigned to machines (such as VMs) to categorize them.
EVAL_CTXJSON ObjectThe eval context provides machine details such as first boot time, host name, machine created time, and eval guid.
FEATURE_KEYJSON ObjectThe feature key provides the information about the package name and namespace that contains the vulnerability mentioned in VULN_ID.
SEVERITYTextThe severity of the vulnerability found.
FIX_INFOJSON ObjectThe fix info provides details about the CVE such as fix available version, eval status, etc.
STATUSTextThe evaluation status generated by Lacework to show if the CVE is New, Active, Fixed, Reopened, etc.
CVE_PROPSJSON ObjectThe CVE props contains CVE description and metadata.
PROPSJSON ObjectThe props provides other relevant information about the host and CVE.