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Configure IaC Security Settings

You can configure the following settings:

Configure Organization Settings

Go to Settings > Organization in the Lacework IaC Security Console to view the Organization page.

This page contains:

  • Organization ID - Displays the internal identifier for the organization.
  • Name - Displays the organization name.
  • Display Name - Optionally specify an organization name (such as Lacework) to display on the UI.
  • Login URL - Provides the login URL that you can copy and use.

Why is my organization not visible​?

If you don't see your GitHub org in the upper right of the iacbot dashboard, you might not have the GitHub app installed in the GitHub organization.

To verify this, go to and make sure that the app is correctly installed.

If this still does not correct the problem, go to:

Under the Authorized OAuth Apps tab, select Lacework IaC Security, and verify that the GitHub organization to which you should have access is granted access. Then, sign out and sign back into Lacework IaC Security.

Configure User Settings

Go to Settings > Users in the Lacework IaC Security Console to view the Users page. This page lists all users in the organization.

Click Invite User, enter the user’s email address, and click Invite to add them to the organization.

Click Actions corresponding to a user to display the user’s profile.

In the Profile page, you can delete the user account and specify email preferences about updates from Lacework IaC security. If you are an admin, you can also change the user’s role to Write, Read, or Owner.

Under Email Preferences, select the checkboxes to receive communication from Lacework IaC Security.

Configure Token Settings

Go to Settings > Tokens in the Lacework IaC Security Console to view the Tokens page.

Click Generate Access Token to display a popup with a new access token, which you can copy.