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View Violations

Click Violations on the left panel of the Lacework IaC Security Console to display the Violations page. This page provides the total number of violations in the main and master branch and lists each violation by its severity. It provides the policy summary and severity.

You can download the violations as a CSV file and search for terms to identify specific violations.

You can click a violation to get more details such as the file where it’s coming from and a link to the GitHub repository branch. Click the link to go straight to the section in the file that caused the issue.

Enter a word or term, such as TLS, in the search field to get a list of corresponding violations.

Click the filter icon to filter based on:

  • Severity
  • Compliance
  • Repository
  • Status

Click the Actions menu to select:

  • Suppress - Click to suppress the violation.
  • Show Finding - Click to display the issue found.
  • Show Guidelines - Click to display the guidelines view.
  • Show Policy - Click to display the policy view.