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Lacework Data Security - FAQs

Is the data encrypted when in transit?
The Lacework agent encrypts all data when in transit to our SAAS service.

Does Lacework Polygraph collect any PII or sensitive data?
Lacework collects only metadata. Lacework does not collect packet payloads or PII data.

How is the data stored at the Lacework site?
All data stored by the Lacework Polygraph SAAS is encrypted at rest.

Is customer data shared with other customers?
Each customer’s data is stored in a separate database, and no data sharing occurs. Lacework has a multi-tenant architecture where processing is done by a common application.

How are usernames and password kept safe?
Lacework does not store customer usernames or passwords in our system. The only way to log in to the Lacework is by using Google OAuth or receiving a magic link via email.