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Lacework - FAQs

Does Lacework work in all datacenter and cloud environments?
The Lacework agent works in all public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google), private datacenters and hybrid environments.

Does Lacework perform enforcement?
Lacework is a breach detection and investigation tool. It provides information on when and how a breach happened, including the users, machines and applications involved in the breach.

How is Lacework Polygraph different from micro-segmentation?
Micro-segmentation is a firewall technology where every machine must be tagged and multiple policies must be created to allow or block communication. Lacework Polygraph is a zero-touch breach detection system that automatically tags workloads. It works at the application/container level and is more precise than micro-segmentation, which looks at only network connectivity. Lacework Polygraph monitors application behaviors and alerts if any anomaly is detected. It does not require manually creating rules or policies.

Can I use Lacework for micro-segmentation?
Lacework's machine communication polygraph provides workload-level communication patterns, which can be used to construct micro-segmentation policies.

How long is data stored by Lacework?
Lacework stores data for 90 days by default. If you need to store data for longer, contact us at

Does Lacework Polygraph support Containers?
Lacework Polygraph accesses information from Docker environments to facilitate breach detection and incident investigation. Lacework is fully container-aware and is available as a Docker container.

Are CVSS scores available for Amazon Linux?
Amazon Linux AMI security advisories combine CVEs. This results in no CVSS score or multiple CVSS scores from the Amazon Linux Security Center. Lacework shows N/A when a CVSS score is not available.

Where and how can I check the service status of Lacework?
Lacework provides real-time updates of performance and overall system status. You can retrieve this information from You can also subscribe to updates from the status web page, which sends notifications and updates to all registered email subscribers.

Having issues getting emails from Lacework or using the links from the Lacework login email?
If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Email server, Lacework recommends adding the Lacework sending domain ( to your Office 365 Exchange Email allowlist. For more information, see Lacework Console Login Issues.