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August 2019 Platform Releases

  • New customizable Lacework compliance recommendations and CustomComplianceConfig API to set the custom properties: Added new APIs that set and get the configuration settings for the following Lacework compliance recommendations in one bulk operation for multiple AWS accounts. For more information, see the Lacework API.
    • Generic Webhook to forward events: To incorporate Lacework events into your existing workflow, Lacework supports the creation of custom webhooks that can receive Lacework event notifications from a Lacework Webhooks Integration and forwards those events to another application. For more information, see the Lacework API.
    • Run the GCP Lacework Integration python script in GCP Cloudshell: You can run the GCP python script for creating new GCP Lacework Integrations in the GCP Cloudshell. For more information, see
    • NIST 800-53 Rev4 Report: A new AWS NIST 800-53 Rev4 Compliance Report is available from your Compliance Reports in the Lacework console.
    • New AWS Compliance Networking Recommendations: Support for several new AWS Port and MongoDB compliance recommendations have been added.