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Comprehensive, continuous end-to-end security for workloads, containers, users, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud environments.

Install the Agent

Install the Lacework agent and secure your environment today.


Lacework continually assesses container images and hosts for new vulnerabilities and changes to existing ones so you don’t miss anything.


Lacework helps you achieve cloud compliance across multiple environments and brings risks into focus with visibility and insights.

Automate Lacework with Terraform

Learn how to use Terraform to automate the Lacework configuration and integrations with cloud providers.

Developer Reference

Learn how to use the Lacework CLI and APIs to integrate Lacework into your environment.

CLI Reference

API Reference

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Latest Releases

August 2022 Platform Releases

More Info
  • PHP language library vulnerability scanning now checks for installed.json files

  • Filtering by tags and labels is now possible using the image filter option for proxy scanner integrations

  • Inline Scanner support for scanning by image digest

  • Proxy Scanner Auto Polling support for Google Container Registry (GCR), Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), and Red Hat Quay (

  • New format options for Inline Scanner evaluaton results

  • Packages tab for Host & Image vulnerability assessments

  • Automated configuration for Amazon ECR Proxy Scanner integrations

  • On-demand container image scanning from the Lacework Console

  • Vulnerability Usage is shown on the License page

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Critical Vulnerability Bulletins

Learn about critical vulnerabilities.


Check out some frequently asked questions and how to webinars.


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