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Lacework Release Updates

Platform Release Notes

January 2023 Platform Releases

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  • Amazon EKS Compliance integrations are now GA

  • New Container Vulnerability filters for Active Images tab

  • Amazon EKS Audit Log integration is now GA

  • Vulnerability CSV Reports now have an upper limit of 500k rows

  • LQL syntax enhancements

  • Scan Java images offline when using the Inline or Proxy Scanner

  • Multi-architecture container images are now supported by the Proxy Scanner

  • New Proxy Scanner config option that supports special characters

  • Packages tab now displays one unique package per row with expandable dropdown for multiple vulnerabilities

  • Container Vulnerability tabs changed to All Images and Active Images

  • The laceworkConfig.kubernetesCluster parameter is now required when configuring your EKS Compliance integration

Linux Agent Release Notes

January 2023 Linux Agent Release

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  • Ecosystem certification

  • Support for using the Lacework CLI to install the agent on all EC2 instances using AWS Systems Manager

  • Support for detecting active and inactive packages on hosts

  • Automatic configuration of agent server URL for Linux agents

Windows Agent Release Notes

January 2023 Windows Agent Release

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  • Improved connectivity checks in Windows agent installer