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Lacework Release Updates

Platform Release Notes

March 2023 Platform Releases

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  • Detection for publicly accesible Amazon S3 buckets has been improved for AWS compliance policies

  • Google Apps Script projects are now hidden by default in the Cloud Compliance Dashboard

  • New APIs are now generally available

  • Custom compliance policies and reports

  • Unimplemented policies for CIS Azure 1.5.0 are now implemented/automated

  • Attack path analysis dossier and Top work items page

  • Linux Agent (from v6.4) can now detect active and inactive packages on hosts

Linux Agent Release Notes

March 2023 Linux Agent Release

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  • Support for detecting active and inactive packages on hosts (Public Preview)

  • Ecosystem certification

Windows Agent Release Notes

January 2023 Windows Agent Release

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  • Improved connectivity checks in Windows agent installer