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December 2021 Linux Agent Release


Release Date

Dec 21, 2021

Summary of Changes/Improvements

  • Beta version - Detection of active Java processes impacted by log4j vulnerabilities.
    • Active Java processes are scanned every 12 hours by default.
  • gVisor support. See Set up gVisor on a Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Improved filesystem crawl by using cached file digest and reduction in system calls
  • Improved performance by reducing file related system calls for data staging
  • Reduced dependency on Helm YAML for detecting docker socket
  • Agent Helm charts now allow setting custom annotations for resources.
  • Extended multi version repository support for Debian 11
  • Agent now sends less frequent updates about long lived TCP connections resulting in lower bandwidth usage.
  • Reduced network bandwidth usage due to fix in log upload logic
  • Fixed connection misattribution issue due to PID reuse
  • Fixed installation failures related to Kali Linux
  • Certified Google Container OS version 93
  • CentOS 9 support. See Supported Operating Systems.