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Resource Groups

Resource groups provide a way to categorize Lacework-identifiable assets.

Account-level resource groups allow you to categorize multiple assets that are identified by Lacework. These can include cloud accounts, containers, or machines. You can use resource groups for granular alert routing.

Within each Lacework account, Lacework creates a default resource group for each resource type that already has an integration. A default resource group contains all assets of that type. Default resource groups cannot be deleted or edited.

After a resource type is integrated with Lacework, you can create a resource group for that type.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Resource groups.
  2. Click + Add New.
  3. Select the group type from the list and click Next.
  4. Name the resource group and optionally add a description.
  5. Complete the fields for the resource type.
    The Machine group type supports the * wildcard when you manually enter machine tags.
  6. Click Save.
    A new resource group displays in the table.

Organization-level resource groups can contain only Lacework accounts.