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Onboarding Tasks

Integrate Your Cloud Account

Integrate your Lacework account with your cloud provider(s) in order to perform compliance monitoring and reporting, as well as monitoring for security using the cloud provider logs. Compliance identifies any configuration best practices violations that exist in your environment and notifies you. This helps you understand configurations and audit controls so you deploy cloud resources that adhere to best practices. Additionally, Lacework ingests AWS CloudTrail, Azure activity logs, and GCP audit logs to provide detailed alerts for anomalous behavior.


As part of your Lacework integration, you may see a surge of alerts while Lacework is in the initial learning phase. This is due to changes in the environment and is expected behavior.

For detailed information about integrating your cloud account, see the corresponding integration procedures:

Integrate Your Host Machine

Lacework provides security for your workload through an installed agent on your host machine. Lacework provides process-aware threat and intrusion detection and notifies you through your chosen method of any events. After you install the Lacework agent on hosts, Lacework scans those hosts and streams select metadata to the Lacework data warehouse to build a baseline of normal behavior.

For detailed information about integrating host machines, see Lacework for Workload Security

Set up an Alert Channel

Lacework combines alert channels and alert rules to provide a flexible method for routing alerts. For alert channels (outgoing integrations), you define information about where to send alerts, such as to Jira or Slack. For alert rules, you define information about which alert types to send, such as critical and high severity compliance alerts. This two-phase method provides the flexibility to define multiple channels and multiple rules, and then have each rule use the channels you specify. In this step you define the alert channels you want configured. Alert rules can be set up later in the Lacework Console.

For detailed information about setting up alert channels, see Alert Channels.

Add Team Members

You can grant team members access to multiple Lacework accounts and have different roles for each account. You can also grant team members organization-level roles.

For detailed information about adding team members, see Team Members.

Set up Authentication

Lacework enables you to integrate your authentication provider of choice with your Lacework account.

For detailed information about setting up authentication for your specific provider (SAML, JIT, IdP), see Authentication.

Integrate Your Container Registry

Lacework provides the ability to scan, identify, and report vulnerabilities found in the operating system-managed software packages in a container image before the container image is deployed. This means you can identify and take action on software vulnerabilities in your container images and manage that risk proactively. To scan, identify, and report vulnerabilities found in the operating system-managed software packages in a container image, create a container registry integration.

For detailed information about integrating containers, see Integrate Container Registries.